Senior Drivers In-Vehicle Evaluation

Our In-vehicle evaluation gives you a chance to test your driving abilities and lets you know how good a driver you are. Our evaluation process will assess your driving skills as a senior and either reinforce your confidence in driving or will let you know that it is dangerous for you to be on the road.

Why do you need a Senior Drivers Evaluation?

As a senior, one needs to be more careful about their health as the body becomes more prone to diseases, bone breaks, injuries, making one a vulnerable driver on the road. Senior people are more at risk of impaired vision, cognitive imbalance, reduced motor functions etc. and these things need to be taken into consideration while they are still drivers of a car. With time, you will need to update your skills and knowledge of the road to make sure you can steer through the risky roads of the country. And if your body isn’t ready anymore for the lanes, it is better to prevent any possible accidents.

This In-Vehicle Evaluation should be done for your own satisfaction, to gauge whether or not you are still fit for the road. With dozens of years of experience on the steering wheel, this test will make you aware of the current situation of your driving health. Extremely necessary, it is like a regular health check-up that will protect you from any trouble in the future while revealing the problems in the present, if they exist.

In our Senior Drivers In-Vehicle Evaluation session, we will :

  • Dedicate up to two hours in your vehicle while you drive on your choice of route along with our quality trained instructor.
  • We will conduct the test including a vision test
  • A written questionnaire,
  • A confidential review of your driving which will result in a detailed report that will answer your questions about your driving skills and tell you further steps

So, take this first step in testing your driving ability and make the right decision for yourself as well as the lives of others on the road.

$ + GST