Knowledge Test Preparation

One of the first steps to get your license is to pass the Class 7 Knowledge Test. Without it, you will not be able to show your expertise at driving. This test is conducted online to test the driver’s ability to follow traffic rules and know all of them. So, to do your best at this test, you will need help and resources which is what we provide you with.

We have a special course for you which will guarantee that you pass with flying colours.

This In-Classroom course includes

  • Test preparation book
  • 2 days of in-classroom training sessions

Classroom training sessions are scheduled for every weekend from 9 am to 5 pm.
We provide different schedules and different rates for several locations.



Edmonton driving school offers all the services that one needs to become a great driver. From classes to test preparation, our team of experts will make sure you know all that there is about driving. We have hired people who are experienced in the field and work towards customer satisfaction. Despite our excellent services, we do not charge exorbitant rates. Our costs are extremely affordable which fall in line with the high quality of expertise we provide to the customer.

All you need to do is register with us and take the step towards your training to become a safe and expert driver who can handle all the challenges of the road!

With the help of our test preparation, a driving student can get familiarised with all the traffic signs and symbols so that they become a trained driver. It is extremely important to know all the road rules and to understand the meaning of all the traffic signals so that you drive responsibly. Our test preparation books and sets will help you develop an understanding of them and also retain them in your mind for a long time. We have a plethora of test sets through which you can practice and hence become perfect at the signs and score well at the test. You are free to attempt these tests as many times as it takes to make you feel confident about your skills and get a thorough understanding.

Another perk we have is a handbook on driving which has information on all the traffic rules and ethics of driving. This will enhance your knowledge and help you become a better driver who is able to care about their own safety as well as others. With the help of the handbook and the practice test, you will receive an extra helping hand in clearing your driving tests and getting closer to your license permit by enhancing your driving knowledge and getting a good grip on the traffic rules.

The practice tests we provide are similar to the actual Class 7 Knowledge test conducted by the authorities and hence it helps build the confidence of the driver because they become acquainted with the pattern and method of the test.

This overall development and experience of driving are achieved by our experts who provide you with the basic knowledge that will make you equipped behind the steering wheel. Our trainers will guide you through every step with patience and responsibility so that you can do your best and become a great driver who is confident and responsible. They will be your mentor and answer all your questions

Not only this, but Edmonton driving school also provides you with a certification that can lower the insurance premium cost.

Driving is not an easy feat because you are capable of putting your own and others’ lives at risk. So if you want to become a responsible driver, register with us and get experts who will help you become a great driver who is at ease on the road.